Classic Car Maintenance Tips

Classic Car Maintenance Tips

It is necessary to maintain your car as much as possible so as to keep it in the best shape possible. Proper maintenance of the car prolongs the life of it and also avoids major repairs which might be very expensive. Therefore, it is good to be aware of some of the maintenance tips that you should always use. The following are some of the classic car maintenance tips.


Scheduled maintenance

When a car is being driven, the internal parts of the engine start to wear out as well as breaking down. This is mostly due to the oil. The motor oil is responsible to lubricate the metal parts in the engine. Oil allows the friction to occur in the engine without much heat. It is therefore important to check the oil levels and replace it with time. If the oil level is below the required one, you should top up. Topping up the oil is a bit simple compared to draining oil out. This is because draining oil is very technical.


You can also get a tune-up which will help in prolonging your car’s life. A tune-up is simply a process whereby a mechanic checks the engine and replaces some parts if need be. After the check-up, he gets to know what need to be replaced. A serious damage may occur if the worn out parts have not been replaced. The tune-ups should occur after every 15000 miles so as to prevent the expensive repairs that may occur in future.


Routine check-ups

In addition to the routine maintenance which your used cars must undergo, you must also show diligence by replacing the car parts which are in need of replacement or are visibly worn out. The windshield wiper blades and tires are two items which you can replace by yourself. You should also check the belts frequently to always ensure that they are in good working condition. It is good to always be proactive with the preventive measures since a major engine repair can cost you a lot of dollars. You should also check the brakes with time since they also wear out. The need to check brakes increases with not only the mileage, but also the time and the driving habits you have.


Oiling tips

Once you have topped up the oil, you should wait for it to settle. This can take about ten minutes for it to settle. When topping up, ensure that you have reached the required level exactly without exceeding. If you happen to exceed, you can remove the excess oil by draining the excess oil. You should ensure that you have purchased oil of high quality that will enable a smooth driving. However, you have to follow the instructions on the label of the oil can before using. Lastly, you need to remove the old spark plugs that may not be working properly.

Other maintenance tips include

Replacing the air filter and if the vehicle is fitted with a DPF, ensure it is fully operational.

Checking the tire pressure

Cleaning your car and also washing the parts which need to be cleaned