Pros and Cons of Owning a Classic Car

Owning classic used cars in NI  is not something for everyone. If you are in love with the idea of owning a classic car but you haven’t the clue whether owning one is okay or not, below we have detailed for you pros and cons of owning such a car so that you are able to decide whether to you should become a proud owner of a classic car or not….


The Cons

Owning a classic car is a domain for individuals that truly appreciate and wholly understand the classic car that they own/want to own and are ready to lavish the classic car with care and a great deal of attention.

A majority of classic car owners are faced by huge initial costs as opposed to an individual purchasing a non-classic second had vehicle. Classic car owners are faced with a grander financial outlay to repair any problems their cars might be faced by.

Classic car parts are harder to come by than the more modern car parts and as you will find out that dependent on the kind of classic car that you own, only a percentage of garages are in a position of repairing the classic car for you.



As much as a classic car is prone to rust, cars that are older are likely to suffer from serious rust problems. Cars that were made in the mid of the 20th century were made mostly from steel as opposed to modern cars and as well all know, the steel used back then was much more prone to rust.

Alongside the rust, classic cars are a little less reliable due to the many years or wear and tear. That said however, if you are able to find a car that has been taken good care of and you proceed to follow suit, you are in the best placed position to avoid getting into trouble when it comes to reliability.


No Mod-Cons

Classic cars haven’t been fit with mod-cons that are nowadays setup as standard in modern vehicles. Things such as electronic powered windows were not common in many classic car models, so things such as GPS and FM radio in some cars are out of the question in classic cars.


The Pros

The beauty of having a classic car is, these vehicles have style and character. These are cars that stand out of the crowd of modern looking cars and guarantee you a great deal of attention, admiration and envy from bystanders.


Driving Experience

The cars of today are built as an insulation from the outside world thus creating a driving experience that is much more comfortable. However this often leaves the driver isolated from the road. Classic cars on the other hand transmit far much more engine noise, emitting driving smells and vibrations giving the driver a richer driving experience and appreciation of the car.


Financial bonuses

A great financial bonus is classic cars don’t appreciate value in same way new cars do. Classic cars hold their value and if properly taken care of increases in value.